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The Language and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory is focused on understanding the nature of language and cognitive processing in normal and neurologically-involved populations. The goal of this work is to develop detailed, moment-by-moment, knowledge of the nature of information integration during on-going language processing. Our work involves a multidisciplinary approach. We examine comprehension processes from a ‘converging evidence’ perspective, involving use of a range of 'on-line' (real-time) measures of language processing (including Reaction-time, ERP, and fMRI) as well as evidence derived from lesion patients and from children with language disorders to establish both the behavioral details and the brain-bases involved in such processing.

LCNL consists of five interrelated laboratories: The Cognition & Psycholinguistics Laboratory, The Functional MRI Laboratory, The Electrophysiology Laboratory, The Language Development Laboratory, and The Laboratory for Research on Aphasia & Stroke.

Recent work in these labs has centered on examinations of behavioral and neurological bases of speech segmentation, lexical access, co-referential processing, inferential processing, and the role of exogenous parameters of speech on comprehension during language understanding. This work has recently culminated in a ‘Modes and Parameters’ approach to understanding language processing.

Additionally, we have recently undertaken work focused on the examination of the brain bases underlying treatment-based recovery from aphasia/stroke, the effects of hypoperfusion on cognitive performance following stroke and general processing deficits in chronic vs. acute stroke patients.







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