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199 Opportunities

If you're an undergraduate at UCSD interested in joining the LCNL, contact one of our lab managers.


  • Three quarter commitment is essential to be enrolled in class
  • Ten hours a week working in lab which includes:
    • 8 hours per week working on your individual lab project
    • 1 hour per week doing your chore
    • 1 hour per week in your individual meeting with Tracy
  • Each student will be expected to work independently (although we will guide you through every step of your project and are always available for help or questions).
  • In turn, we trust that you put 100% effort into your project and make sure you understand what you are doing before you do it. (IF WE ARE NOT BEING CLEAR ON ANYTHING TELL US!)
  • This course requires a major time commitment. If you are unable or questioning your ability to make this commitment DO NOT ENROLL for this class.

Lab Rules

  • Lab binders containing information pertinent to your study never leave the lab. If you need to work at home, make copies to take with you
  • Do not use the last ANYTHING (paper, pens, disks, subject forms, etc) -- especially if it says "original, to make copies from". Tell the lab manager when you notice we are running low on supplies.
  • Answer the phone in a professional manner by saying "language and cognition lab" -- patients will be calling us, be courteous and patient.
  • Check the answering machine if the light is blinking and take messages as necessary... it could be your subject calling to cancel!
  • Check for messages on the white board and in your mailboxes when you come into the lab.
  • Turn off lights, lock up (put on the clam) the lab, and take out the trash if you are the last one to leave.
  • If something is taped down, leave it that way!
  • Clean up after yourselves and don't leave things out.
  • Let your lab manager know about any broken/malfunctioning equipment so it is repaired promptly.


  1. Chores
  2. Individual Lab Project
  3. Recruiting/Running Subjects
  4. Storing data
  5. Backing up data
  6. Updating data files
  7. Updating subject questionnaire records
  8. Keeping organized


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