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Name Lab(s) Where are they now?
Daniel Sanchez Lab Manager in Cognition & Psycholinguistics, ERP Pursuing a PhD in Cognitive Psychology at Northwestern.
Justin Baker Language Development Lab Manager at SDSU Grad student in Clinical Psychology

Name Lab(s) Where are they now?
James Clinton Lab Manager in Cognition & Psycholinguistics, ERP Pursuing a PhD in Neuroscience at Washington State University.

Name Lab(s) Where are they now?
Annemarie Angeles Cognition & Psycholinguistics, Developmental Pursuing a masters in psychology and working at the VA Hospital in La Jolla as a psychology technician for their research department.
Lisa Vance Trup Lab Manager in Cognition & Psycholinguistics Graduate student in Developmental Psychology at Pennsylvania State University
Nathan Pyle Electrophysiology Working in Denver, CO
Pantea Farahmand Electrophysiology  
David Piekarski Electrophysiology Grad student in Psychology at UC Berkeley
Angela Diveley Cognition & Psycholinguistics  
Jason Alyesh Cognition & Psycholinguistics Managing Editor of The Journal of General Psychology and Hospital Topics: Research and Perspectives on Healthcare.
Karen Wong Aphasia Speech Pathology at SJSU
Angela Cheon Aphasia Masters at USC in Occupational Therapy
Chelsea Sera Lab Manager in Aphasia Teaching English in Japan, Master's at SDSU in Speech Language Pathology
Munirah Alam Cognition & Psycholinguistics  
Ana Efstathiou Developmental First year graduate student SDSU, pursuing a MA in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences
Mary Mullane Grad Student Dr. Chiba's Cognitive Science lab @ UCSD

Name Lab(s) Where are they now?
Alina Anuccavech Development  
Michelle Seals Cognition & Psycholinguistics, Electrophysiology  
George Michel Cognition & Psycholinguistics  
Ida Moadab Electrophysiology In a Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program at the University of Oregon working with Don Tucker using electrophysiology to examine the neural mechanisms of self-regulation in early adolescents.
Chelsea Pancoast Development Received her Masters in Education and is teaching 3rd grade in the Bay Area.

Name Lab(s) Where are they now?
Edwin Maas Cognition & Psycholinguistics Postdoctoral research on neurogenic disorders
of speech production at Boston University & MIT. Also an adjunct lecturer at MGH Institute of Health Professions.
Tanya Verdoljak Development MA Speech and Language Pathology Program at Northwestern University
Angela Choi    
Mike Albani    
Brooke Harris    
Roger Keithly    
Mona Fallah Tafti    
Josephine Ho    
Esther Choe    
Jeff Fechner    

Catherine Taylor    
Andela Shim    
Grace Ruszala    
Sean Boang    
Colleen More    
Karen Fleming    
Gina Melicor    
Soraya Kadri    
Ronni Ravicchio    
Andrew Richards    
Jillian Robbins    

Name Lab(s) Where are they now?
Chris Gardner Aphasia Teaching high school sign language.

Name Lab(s) Where are they now?
Naama Friedmann Cognition & Psycholinguistics Associate Professor at Tel Aviv University. Website

Name Lab(s) Where are they now?
Robyn Oliver Cognition & Psycholinguistics Graduate student in Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. Website

Name Lab(s) Where are they now?
Roberto Heredia Post-doc Associate Professor of Psychology. Website
Wind Cowles Grad student Assistant Professor in Linguistics at the
University of Florida








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