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Welcome to the Aphasia & Stroke Lab

Participant Criteria

Stroke Patient Subject Flyer Download PDF

Non-Stroke Patient Subject Flyer Download PDF

Basic Screening Tests

Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Examination (BDAE)
Boston Naming Task (BNT) Test of Oral and Limb Apraxia (TOLA)
The S.O.A.P. (subject relative, object relative , active, passive) Syntactic Battery
Visual Neglect
Western Aphasia Battery (WAB)

Stroke Patient Selection Criteria

  1. A single, relatively localized lesion site.
  2. First time stroke victim, i.e. no previous history of infarct.
  3. No history of active or significant alcohol and/or drug abuse.
  4. No history of active psychiatric illness.
  5. No history of other significant brain disorder or dysfunction
  6. "Normal" visual acuity for age (corrective lenses acceptable)
  7. Between the age of of 45-85
  8. No other language besides English before age 6
  9. Right-handed before stroke








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