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The Laboratory for Research on Aphasia and Stroke is located in Mandler hall, room 3503 in Muir College. Mandler Hall is north of McGill Hall and west of the AP&M building. The closest parking is in lots P207, P208 and at the faculty club. More information is available from UCSD Transportation and Parking Services.


Enter Mandler Hall via north entrance. First door on the right is the stairwell. Exit on third floor and go right. Lab is in room 3503.


Take McGill Hall east elevator to third floor and go right. Cross to Mandler Hall via bridge. The lab is directly to your left.

MandlerMapMandler Map











6495 Alvarado Road Suite 106
San Diego, CA 92120



  1. Take Interstate 8 to the College Avenue Exit
  2. Turn on College Avenue South, get in the far left lane, and make a hairpin turn onto Alvarado Road.
  3. Follow Alvarado Road and pass the first intersection on Alvarado Court.
  4. Turn right into the Alvarado Medical Center and park near the café to the right.
  5. Look for the sign saying “Aphasia Lab Social” outside of 6495 Alvarado Road Suite 106 and enter.
  6. Inside Suite 106, follow the signs to the elevator on the right, take the elevator to the second floor.
  7. The conference room is at the end of the hall on the left








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