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Phone: (858) 822-1649
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Director: Tracy Love, Ph.D.

Our Kid Lab invites children, ages 5-12 to participate in a language study. (Children must be native English speakers to participate.) During each session, the child will be asked to listen to sentences, words, and sounds, and to press a button corresponding to some pictures.


These sessions will be conducted at one of two sites, UCSD's Kid Lab at the Language and Cognitive Neurosciences Lab OR the SDSU's Cognitive Neuroscience Lab. (Travel expenses will be compensated.) After children complete the study, parents will receive a number of complimentary formal speech and language evaluations.

This research, approved by UCSD (#030041S), SDSU (#1423), and Children's Hospital (#11066) Internal Review Boards, will help investigators better understand how children process spoken language.


Our group is currently working on several studies; all seeking to learn how children, both with and without language impairments, interpret different sentence structures found in English.

Current Research: Ellipsis Study

Example sentence: "The body guard examined himself for bruises and the policeman in the public park did too for five minutes."
Stim Stim
Question: When processing this sentence, how is the phrase "did too" interpreted by the listeners? Are (1) both men examining the bodyguard for bruises or are (2) they each examining themselves for bruises?

Our prediction: We predict that while the child is processing the sentence s/he will initially interpret both of the options listed above. But when asked to match the sentence to a picture, s/he will choose the picture of (2) each individual examining themselves for bruises.

If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please contact
Maxwell Moholy (UCSD) at (858) 822-1649, kidlab.ucsd@gmail.com
or Justin Baker (SDSU) at (619) 594-7878, speech@rohan.sdsu.edu

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